Terms & Conditions

Account customers

Country Lifestyles Ltd do not normally have account customers but realise the need in certain circumstances. We have endeavoured to apply common sense to keep terms to a minimum. Where these facilities have been given it is subject to the following conditions.

The person signing the invoice, delivery/acceptance note or work completed docket is ultimately responsible for the payment due.

Payment must be made within a maximum of 30 days (7 days if no formal account set up) from date of invoice etc.

Payments outstanding after that time will be subject to an administration/interest charge of 10 percent or £20 per month, whichever is the greater.

Any costs involved in recovery of any monies owed will be in addition to the outstanding amount.

Payments made which fail to clear will automatically be subject to a charge of £20 to cover administration and the charges levied on us by our bank. Where the cheque is automatically re-presented this charge may be double.

It is policy where no attempt has been made to resolve problems to make full use of the law and the additional cost involved in this will be passed on as provided under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984.

Customers are advised of the cost of callout and an estimate of parts cost when call is booked. Therefore if they are unable to pay at time of call this will be classified as an overdue amount and may be subject to an immediate account charge.

Special orders

Parts or items specially ordered by customers may need to be paid for whether subsequently fitted or not. It is not always possible for us to return specially ordered items and where it is, they may be subject to a handling charge.

Bank Details

Country Lifestyles Ltd

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Royal Bank of Scotland

94 High Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1SA