Please feel free to ask for advice on all aspects of mobility. Even if you are thinking of buying a second-hand machine privately we would rather guide you to the right product than be asked to help pick up the pieces from an ill advised purchase. If an item might be available free from the N.H.S. we will not only tell you but may be able to help guide you through the process. You are welcome to call into our showroom to see what types or machines are available and find out what to look for.

If you have not had a machine before, you might wish to take a look at one or more of our informational videos we have made to help guide you.


Buying a mobility scooter

The purpose of this video is to give a prospective purchaser enough information to make choosing the correct scooter possible. It will also allow you to determine if a sales person you are dealing with really knows about scooters.



Buying a Powerchair

Buying a powerchair is a much more detailed decision than a scooter. This video is only intended as a guide and is not intended to replace good professional advice. If the disability is progressive it is worth buying a chair that can be adapted as needs require.



Buying a Manual chair

Buying an occasional use chair is not as difficult as one for prolonged use. In the latter case check that you are not entitiled to a chair free of charge from Social services. Do not be put off always ask if you meet the requirements and are entitled.